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When tax problems become a criminal problem?

Ever wonder how someone winds up in jail over taxes? It can be for a variety of reasons, but there is one common trait that everyone convicted of a tax crime shares — they talked to the IRS. Tax crimes are one of the most difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt because they require proving intent and state of mind. The IRS manual for Criminal Investigators and Auditors plainly states “Your first contact with the taxpayer may likely be your only opportunity to speak with the taxpayer, engage them in conversation…” Don’t do it! Politely ask for their card and let them know your representative will be in touch.

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How to choose a Tax Professional?

Steps to picking a competent qualified tax professional:

  1. Check to ensure they are licensed, a member in good standing with professional associations and check their reputation.
  2. Determine if they are a good fit. Do they make you feel comfortable? Are they experienced with the kind of work you need performed?
  3. Ask for references, qualifications, and follow up with the references. It’s your money, you worked hard for it. Don’t give it to the first smooth talking salesman who is more interested in your money than resolving your tax matter.

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