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Shadow Payroll & Assignment Advisory Services

Shadow Payroll & Assignment Advisory Services

Managing international assignments requires considerable synchronization between the international HR mobility department, Home and Host Country Business Unit payroll teams, and Assignees. Companies are faced with many challenges of running a shadow payroll in the host country.

Shadow payroll are often very complex and requires extensive planning and expertise. Tax Solutions focuses on reducing your administrative workload and risk of non-compliance. We have the expertise to plan and process your shadow payroll.

Our Shadow Payroll services may include:

  • Collect all taxable elements delivered in the home or host country.
  • Record shadow payroll components in the correct currency.
  • We get the compensation data into shape for US payroll reporting and proper withholding including tax gross ups as needed.
  • Calculating precise tax liabilities to ensure no end of year large refunds or balances due.
  • 1042 and 1042-S preparation
  • Catching up past years of tax filings

US Tax Prep & Advisory Services:

  • Assignee tax preparation for Rotators Form 1040 NR and Expatriate Form 1040 and Dual Status
  • Tax Treaty Research
  • Social Tax Certificates of Coverage to exempt Employees and Employer from US FICA
  • Tax Equalization preparation
  • ITIN – If Assignees do not have a US tax ID, we can help. See our ITIN Services page.
  • We prepare past years of delinquent tax filings
  • We often work with Immigration Attorneys to quickly prepare the required tax documents necessary for Visas

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If you have international tax related questions, we offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation to go over questions and determine if we need to schedule a meeting. We offer in person meetings, over the telephone, or virtual conferences via Zoom.

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